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Dreaming is my Reality "


Juan Carlos Silva is a Venezuelan-born professional photographer who is currently based in Pittsburgh. He has been working as a fashion and commercial photographer since 2008, with a particular focus on beauty photography, fashion, retouching, and portraits.

Throughout his career, Juan Carlos has developed a reputation for his exceptional technical skills and creative eye, which has enabled him to produce stunning images that capture the essence of his subjects. His work has been featured in a range of high-profile publications and campaigns, and he has also worked with a wide range of clients, including magazines, advertising agencies, fashion designers, and models.

Juan Carlos is known for his ability to put his subjects at ease and create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere on set. He has keen attention to detail and is committed to producing work of the highest quality. In addition to his photography work, Juan Carlos is also an avid traveler and has explored many different parts of the world, which has inspired and influenced his creative vision.

Overall, Juan Carlos Silva is a talented and accomplished photographer who has made a name for himself in the competitive world of fashion and commercial photography. His passion for his craft, combined with his technical expertise and creative vision, make him a true asset to the industry.

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